Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring in Griffin, GA; Stain Resistant, Stays Cool in Sun & More

Natural stone floors are a great and beautiful material that looks simply amazing on floors. Pulled right from the earth, any type of natural stone brings its own unique coloring, texture and patterns. Never will the same natural stone floor be duplicated. There are a number of benefits that natural stone flooring bring to any home or business. Today, Timeless Tile Solutions would like to elaborate on the benefits and types of natural stone flooring available to valued customers in our service area.

Natural Stone Flooring Pros & Cons

Advantages of Stone Tile Flooring – Each type of natural stone has its own unique benefit. However, in general, stone helps keep the inside of your home cooler. During the hot summer months, stone floors can reduce your cooling needs. Don’t worry about the winter time though. Most stone tile flooring has an underheating system you can install to help keep your feet warm in the winter. A cheaper option is to use rugs and mats in walkways and sitting areas. Another major benefit of natural stone floors is that they are stain resistant. Additionally, who can deny the simple beauty of natural stone and how it can enhance the look and value of your home?
Stone Tile Flooring Disadvantages – There aren’t many disadvantages when it comes to natural stone. One major disadvantage is cost. Natural stone is rather costly to initially install. However, many homeowners claim it’s been a worthwhile investment to their home. Natural stone floors do require maintenance, just like any floor. Natural stone floors are protected with a sealer which needs to be reapplied. How often will depend on the traffic the floor receives.

Different of Types of Natural Stone Floor Construction

Travertine – Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. This stone often has a concentric or fibrous appearance and is available in white, cream, tan and light brown varieties. Travertine is one of the oldest building materials that still exists today a flooring made of this natural stone can add a sense of age and prestige to your home. Travertine is extremely durable. A weathering effect can occur over time which can be minimized with regular sealing but is actually viewed by many homeowners as achieving more character!
Marble – Marble is considered the highest classification of natural stone used for flooring. Marble has been used in human structures and buildings since ancient times. Marble is a metamorphic rock and there are literally thousands of types of marble, which come in many different colors and patterns. Marble can be easily polished but it is a soft stone that scratches easily and requires a protective sealer to be applied more often than other natural stones, due to its softness. Never neglect marble. When the sealer begins to look worn, have it resealed quickly.
Granite – Granite is an extremely hard stone. The only stone stronger is diamond. When granite needs to be polished in order to smooth the surface, diamond dust sanders need to be used since nothing else is strong enough. Granite is both stain and scratch resistant. Nonetheless, sealers are still used as most natural stones have a weakness to acidic elements and can eventually be eroded. Due to its durability, granite is one of the most common types of natural stone used. Granite comes in many wonderful colors and patterns with vibrant coloring and quart crystal, gold, and white flakes.
Slate – Slate is very durable when it comes to indoor and outdoor elements. Slate is an ancient metamorphic rock that has only so far been found in India and China. Slate has a natural layer called “Celfting” which adds a unique dimension to the floor. Slate has a unique compound composed of shale, clay, calcite, quartz and chlorite which makes it water resistant. Slate is often installed on patios and around spas and pools. Additionally, slate isn’t slippery like the smooth surfaces of other stones. This makes it a great feature for wet areas like bathrooms. Slate is mostly thought of as dark gray or brown in color. However, slate also comes in reds, greens, blues, oranges, gold, mauve and of course, black and brown.

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