Travertine Floor Tile Installation

Travertine tiles are a natural stone that is a great choice for any home or business. This durable stone will add a beautiful natural look to compliment any design you may currently have. Great for high traffic areas, travertine will withstand many common damages such as scratching and staining. The team of tile and stone experts at Timeless Tile Solutions offer travertine installation to our valued customers to add this organic beauty to their home or business.

Travertine is Eco-Friendly

Many may not know that travertine is an eco-friendly flooring option for their home. This stone is created from limestone that is found near hot springs. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or other harmful substances found within this stone because it is completely organic. Its smooth surface will help you keep your home free from hair, dust, allergens and has also been known to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance of Travertine Flooring Tile

One of the biggest reasons many homeowners choose travertine tile is because this is a low maintenance choice. You can maintain its beauty with some simple dusting and mopping. If you have your travertine sealed on a regular basis, you don’t have to worry about scratching or staining either.

Travertine is Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Travertine tiles can be used for both indoor applications as well as outdoor. They can help you create the perfect outdoor oasis as a deck or patio or increase your curb appeal as an impressive driveway, as they can create the most beautiful kitchen, bathroom or other flooring inside your residence as well.

Professional Tile Installation Services in McDonough, Williamson, Griffin, Fayetteville, Jackson & Central Georgia

If you are considering travertine in your home or business, let the tile and stone specialists at Timeless Tile Solutions provide you with quality craftsmanship and a beautiful floor. Call us today!

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